You Need to Know

What you need to know before you arrive to Grad Night.

  • Grad Night begins on Friday at 9:30 PM and ends on Saturday at 5:00 AM at Emerson Junior High, 2121 Calaveras Drive

  • You MUST bring a picture ID in order to be admitted to Grad Night—Driver’s License, School ID, or Passport. This is a TICKETLESS event.  You MUST be checked into Grad Night by midnight.  There will be no admission after that time—No Exceptions.  Arrive early as there are lots of prizes and raffle items to be won

  • If you purchased a ticket, but DO NOT ARRIVE by midnight, your parent/guardian will be called


  • You can leave anytime you like, but once you leave, you may not re-enter Grad Night.  If you leave before 3:30 AM a courtesy call will be made to your parents/guardians — this also applies to grads who are 18 years old 

  • Purses and backpacks, etc. will need to be checked at the Inside Check-In Area

  • Phones and cameras may be kept with you throughout the event

  • BRING NO MONEY! You do not need to pay for anything at Grad Night!  Your ticket covers the cost of everything—food, beverages, entertainment and prizes. Please do not bring money to Grad Night.

  • Tickets will be sold at the door but at an increased price, cash or check only.

  • If you have a financial hardship and need a scholarship, please talk with your high school counselor BEFORE Grad Night and they will make the necessary arrangements for a reduced price or free ticket.