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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know before you arrive to Grad Night.


What is Grad Night?

Grad Night is an all-night, drug and alcohol-free celebration for Davis’ graduating seniors. Graduates of Davis High School, Da Vinci High, King High School and the Davis School for Independent Study will spend the night enjoying music, dancing, casino games, outdoor activities, a hypnotist show, photo booth, food galore and a huge raffle. It is an unforgettable night for our seniors, the perfect sendoff after 13 years hard work. Grad Night is held at Emerson Junior High School.

Who is responsible for Grad Night?

Grad Night is accomplished through the energy, creativity, time and money of the parents with support from the community. Parents from the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes are involved in Grad NIGHT. It is a party that we, as parents, give as a parting gift to our graduating children.

Who Attends Grad Night?

About 90 percent of the graduates attend this incredible, fun party held at Emerson Junior High School. Grad Night is a time for the graduates to be together for one last time.  Only Davis Joint Unified School District graduates can attend Grad Night – no friends from other schools or underclassmen. Grad Night begins after Davis High School graduation on Friday evening and continues until 5:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. GNI Attendance Policy

Can I Donate Items to Grad Night?

Your contributions are not only welcome and appreciated, but also, greatly needed.  Watch for publication of a Sign Up Genius page with donation requests for raffle prizes, stuffed animals, crazy boxers and socks and gift cards. 

How do I become a Grad Night Sponsor?

For decades, the Davis business community has generously supported Grad Night.  Sponsorships are available at 4 levels. Your contributions will be used to cover the cost of professional entertainment, games, decorations, and grand prizes for the raffle as well as to provide Grad Night ticket scholarships.

How Can I Get Involved?

A party of this magnitude doesn’t just happen … it’s pulled together by legions of volunteers who have fun and make friends while contributing in some way to make Grad Night a night to remember.  No special skills are needed, just a willingness to get involved. We need volunteers to organize or create activities, entertainment, decorations and food, as well as to help in business and operations functions. You can join a committee, lead a committee, or just lend a few hours of your time, either in advance or on the night of the event. Volunteers on the event night must be at least 22 years old; all ages are welcome for other volunteer roles.


Please get involved. Together, we can make it an incredible finale to our children’s high school years (and have lots of fun in the process!) to volunteer. 


We would love to see every parent/guardian of every high school student -- not just parents of graduating seniors -- take part in creating this unforgettable Grad Night. Grad Night happens because parents pay it forward, and also pay it back. Many alumni parents and other community members contribute to Grad Night.

I purchased a Grad Night ticket but I can't find it.  What can I do?

Eventbrite sends a ticket confirmation to the email address provided at checkout. Search all student and parent email addresses for “Grad Night” or “Eventbrite.” If you cannot find a confirmation and think you purchased a ticket, email

How do I sign up to work at Grad Night?

We appreciate your offer to work a Grad Night shift.  Per Grad Night, Inc. policy, all volunteers on site the night of the event must be at least 18 years old and NOT have graduated from high school in the current year. Thank you!  Please contact ​


Do grads have to stay all night long at Davis Grad Night?

No, graduates attending Davis Grad Night may leave at any time. Davis Grad Night is not a “lock-in” event. Once students leave, however, they may not return. All graduates sign in upon arrival and sign out upon departing. A parent volunteer will place a courtesy phone call to parents of any graduate who does not arrive by midnight or leaves before 3:30 a.m.

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