Ticket Refund Policy

Information about obtaining a ticket refund if your Grad cannot attend Grad Night.

Davis Grad Night Inc.’s policy on ticket refunds is as follows:

The Grad Night event treasurer will issue refunds for tickets purchased for the annual event, when possible, if a written request for a ticket refund is received by the grad night event ticket sales committee ten days prior to the event. A refund will be issued after the annual grad night event, upon confirmation that the graduate did not attend the event. The refund will be issued within two weeks after the event.


Procedures for event ticket sales committee:

  1. If a ticket refund request is made verbally confirm that the request must be written.

  2. Upon receipt of a ticket refund request (including the reason for the request), contact the parent/s and graduate to provide information about the Grad Night event. Address any concerns, for example, that the event is not a lock in and the graduate can leave at any time (but no return privileges).

  3. The ticket refund policy should be included with ticket sales information.


Adopted by the Grad Night, Inc. Board on August 9, 2012.