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Planning Committee Volunteers

Grad Night Co-Chairs

Trish Bosco:

Stephanie Rubinstein:

Volunteer Chair

Gayle Murray:



Chair of Vender Activities               

Cat Brooks:


Chair Of Parent-run Activities

Laurie Lovely:

Casino Coordinator

Paul and Dana Welch:


Music Room Coordinator

Becky Hanna and Shelley Wong


Boxer/Sock Bingo Coordinator:                 


Raffle Coordinator

Kristi Gladding:

Heidi Johnson:


Graffitti Wall:                      


Stadium Activities:                         


Gym Activities:                 

Jewelry/Beading (in China Road):            

Heather Mariano:



Decorations Chair

Joanna Purves:


Construction Coordinator

Marty Morse:


Fire Safety Coordinator

Dan MacNamara:


Lighting Coordinators

Kam Stanley - professional:

Troy - grad night inventory:


Girls Bathroom

Gina Nunes       


Boys Bathrooms                       


Cafe / Restaurant 

(Café to Stadium Entrance Hallway)           
Sameera Sandhu:



Krista Wilcox:

Leslie Nance:


China Road

(Sunrise Rotary)

Marc Thompson:


Covered Courtyard

Chris & Rhonda Marti:


Foyer/Inside check-in

Loran Wyman:


Graffiti Wall


Hospitality / Volunteer Room

Liz Shorts:


Interior Windows

Denise Johnson:

\Joanne Brennan:


Kindergarten Wall

Charla Kordana:


Music Room and Hallway

Kathy Barnes:


Outdoor Commons & Stage

Cyndi Hughes:


Outside Entrance

Angie Johnston:


Raffle Area

Diana Wilkinson:

Katie Blakewell:


Stadium & Game Area


Cassie Varland:


Food & Beverage


Food Co-chairs       

Clariza Doms:

Kelly Macy:

Jan Uriu-Adams:

Marianne Moore:



Cherie Goodenough:


Sophomore Game Area

Beverages and Ice

Michelle Johnson:

Fundrasing, Sponsorships & Donations        


Fundraising Chair

Suzanne Kimmel:


Thank You Lead

Karen Ashby:


Graphics Design

Michelle McKim:


Give-away Coordinator  





Alex Cooke:




Ticket Sales Chair

Brandi Lutzker:


Ticket Sale Assistant

Michelle Agnew:


DHS Ticket Sales Lead                    


DaVinci Ticket Sales Lead

Diane Zablotsky:


King and DSIS Ticket Sales Lead                 


Inside Check-in/Check-out

("Coat Check")

Kristen Muir:


Outside Check-in Coordinator

Amy Brugger:

Amy Lemmo:


Ticket Sales Lead at Grad Night

Joanne Ayers:


Questions/Problems Lead at Grad Night                              



Mike Wyman:


Tracey Soeth:


Open House

Jackie Legg:




Sea Crates/inventory Managers

Bruce Zenner:


Set-Up Coordinator

Meg Arnold:


Tools Coordinator

Shannah M Whithaus:



Stephanie Rubinstein:



Bill Byrne:

Robin Byrne:


Clean-Up and Recycling Coordinator

Alessandra Frizzi Castiglioni:


Emerson Grounds Clean Up Day Coordinators

Tracy Dewit:

Thanks! Message sent.

$75 through May 31

$100 June 1 and after

Reduced price tickets are available to those who qualify for free/reduced lunch or need assistance; check your DJUSD email or talk to your counselor for information.

Donate money toward scholarship tickets for students at the ticket purchase site.

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